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Apr 06th 2017 03:43:40 PM
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purple rows indicate missed cases, other rows indicate hit.

URI Description Number of Accesses User Agent
2_1f84bself referencing link 2Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x ... 5.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36
1_25e2alink creation after button click 1Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x ... 5.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36
2_2b7a3self referencing link with random query string 9Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x ... 5.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36
4_1c3f8link href js protocol 1Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x ... 5.0.2883.87 Safari/537.36
1_12c3blink creation after some time w/ setTimeout N/AN/A
3_45589multi-page form with a single path to final destination N/AN/A
5_1e4d2div onmouseover N/AN/A
6_14b3cform submit thru select onchange w/ simple alert N/AN/A
7_16a9cform submit button onclick N/AN/A
8_1b6e1link in html comment N/AN/A
8_2b6f1relative link in html comment N/AN/A
9_1a1b2span onclick window.location N/AN/A
9_2ff21span onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_3a2b7span onmousedown document.location.href N/AN/A
9_4b82dspan onmouseup document.location N/AN/A
9_5ee31p onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_6ee31p onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_7ee31p onmousedown window.location.href N/AN/A
9_8ee31p onmouseup window.location.href N/AN/A
9_9ee31div onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_10ee31div onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_11ee31div onmousedown window.location.href N/AN/A
9_12ee31div onmouseup window.location.href N/AN/A
9_13ee31td onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_14ee31td onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_15ee31td onmousedown window.location.href N/AN/A
9_16ee31td onmouseup window.location.href N/AN/A
9_17ee31tr onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_18ee31tr onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_19ee31tr onmousedown window.location.href N/AN/A
9_20ee31tr onmouseup window.location.href N/AN/A
9_21ee31li onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_22ee31li onmouseout window.location.href N/AN/A
9_23ee31li onmousedown window.location.href N/AN/A
9_24ee31li onmouseup window.location.href N/AN/A
9_25ee31radio onclick window.location.href N/AN/A
9_26dd2eunattached js function document.location N/AN/A
10_17d77link href js protocol window.location w/ alert override N/AN/A
11_1f2e4link href jquery N/AN/A
11_2d3ffa href javascript protocol N/AN/A
12_1a2cfiframe N/AN/A
12_2a2cfframe created dynamically N/AN/A
12_3a2cfiframe created dynamically N/AN/A
13_10ad3xhr initiating N/AN/A
13_25af3link created thru xhr response N/AN/A
14_1eeabmeta refresh tag N/AN/A
15_1c95aform action with javascript protocol set N/AN/A
16_1b14f302 redirection N/AN/A
16_2f41a302 redirection link in response body N/AN/A
17_143efxhr with a busy mode page 1 N/AN/A
17_2da76xhr with a busy mode page 2 N/AN/A
18_1a2f3heavy js library standard form creation N/AN/A
19_1f52alink attached to a swf simple button onclick event N/AN/A
19_2e3a2link attached to a swf simple button parameterized onclick event N/AN/A
20_1e833html encoded links N/AN/A
21_1f822protocol relative linksN/AN/A